What are the 5 coaching stances you need in your toolbox?

1. Coaching: the "base" stance where you should operate as often as possible 

2. Teaching: information moves in one direction - from you "the expert" to the student

3. Mentoring: you share stories so others can learn from your successes and failures

4. Advising: you give answers by providing options and generating insights

5. Role Modelling: you demonstrate - talk the talk and walk the walk

I want to become a successful agile coach!

Being an agile coach means understanding what stance to use when "coaching" isn't an appropriate tool. Download this cheat sheet to learn about the 5 coaching stances: what they are, how they can be applied to different situations, and common pitfalls that agile coaches face.

What are the 5 coaching stances you need to know?

Every situation requires a different coaching stance




Starting on my agile journey

Forming agile teams

Building an agile organization

If you are looking to advance your career, it is important to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to understand how you can successfully deliver on projects and transform your business

If you are looking to start, grow, or support your agile team, you will need to enhance your knowledge on team facilitation, coaching techniques, team dynamics, and handling conflicts

If you are looking to build an organization that can adapt to changes, you will need to understand your company (assess), pick the changes you wish to make (strategize),  and roll out pilot projects (experiment). 

Where are you on your agile journey? 

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